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Do you need to bake the bath to get a hard finish?

No. Several years ago the products used to re-enamel a bath could often take as long as 5 days to cure. This meant that the customer was put at a great disadvantage as they would be without the use of their bath for almost a week. So baking did become popular. This speed cured the bath so it could be used that night or at the least the following day. However it does not make the new surface any harder. In fact there are arguments in favor of leaving the surface to cure naturally. Basically the systems used to re-enamel your bath have advanced to the point that 8hrs is all that is required to leave the bath before use. So baking is no longer a necessity.

The Bath Business heat dry your bath and then polish it for you to get a really excellant, smooth finish. We still ask that you leave it a further 8 hours before use however. The material used to resurface your bath are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Can I dye my hair in the bath?

No you can't. Hair dyes have pigments of colour and by nature they are designed to penetrate. If you dye your hair in the bath the dye is very likely to penetrate the surface and stain the bath. If you do dye your hair at home we strongly recommend you do not do so in a newly resurfaced bath.

Do you always have to the bath resurfaced in situ? Can I send you my bath to have it resurfaced?

No we don't always have to resurface in situ. If you would like us to resurface the bath in another room in the house the room would need to be completely empty of all furnishings and flooring. If the house is having a lot of work done in it then it would be best to wait and have us come at the end of the work schedule. It is by far easier to resurface in the bathroom rather than another room so this would be our preference.

We can resurface your bath or other sanitory wear in our workshop. For most people bath resurfacing in situ is the prefered option. It saves them having to take the bath out , redecorate, etc. However sometimes someone is completely renovating their bathroom or they picked up a really nice old bath or sink somewhere and it is not currently plumbed in. In this instance sending the item to our workshop to have it resurfaced is often a prefered option. It means any redecorating or renovating can be done without the bath or bathroom suite being in the way. Also sometimes a sink or toilet can be easily un plumbed and sent to us.

Our workshop is located near our head office in West Sussex. Call or email for directions. If you need help finding a courier for larger items such as your bath let us know. We can chase up quotes for you.

Why resurface? Why not replace?

Most people who have old cast iron baths, roll top, slipper baths etc would not want to replace it with a modern bath. So re-enamelling is a good solution to making a quality bath look and feel new.

Replacing a bath with a “cheap” bath rarely works out that way. Unless the new bath is the same size as the old one there can be additional decorative costs. Tiling and flooring may need to be replaced. Add to that the cost of taking away the old bath and fitting the new. What might look like a couple of hundred pounds can turn out to be a lot more.

The last consideration is the hassle involved in replacing the bath. It can be quite a few days of work with different workmen- tilers, carpenters etc coming through your house.

When you resurface the job is completed that day. You have a lovely looking bath with minimum disruption to you    more

Once resurfaced or re enamelled your bath can be ready to use again within a few hours

We can also resurface your basin, toilet or shower tray in-situ

Did you know you can change the colour of your bath? We can resurface it to any colour of your choice.

We can resurface your whole bath-room suite in situ in any colour of your choice

We can restore your antique taps & cast iron feet. We can also nickel and chrome plate your taps and cast iron feet

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